Sally Eustice


I am Crantock born and bred.

I have been drawing and painting always. It is my passion, diversion, and at times, therapy.

I have produced work in a variety of mediums and size; everything from miniatures to pantomime scenery and commissions for illustrations. The most famous artistic tribute to my name is the world famous Crantock Baleman!

Art led me into a career in education. Including, employing my skills to design and produce educational resources and displays. Backdrops for stage productions, led me into designing and painting scenery for local pantomimes.

I work in a variety of mediums: the illustrations for the CHC cookery books were created using a digital collage software, this developed from working in collage and textiles. Also, acrylic and watercolour.

The inspiration for my churn: the words of songs – arising from singing with Fiddle Me Timbers.

“Cornish lads are fishermen”, “Sailing homeward”, “Safe and sound at home again” …


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