Glyn Walton


Primarily a sculptor with a workshop close to St Ives working in a mixture of mild steel, wood and other recycled ephemera. Sculptures range from the miniature to large scale garden/indoor sculptures.

Originally from the North East, where hard edged steel and chemical plants (used to ) sit alongside wild moorland and seascapes, much like the amazing Cornish landscape.

My work often reflects this juxtaposition. I work in a wide range of mediums, from digital photography, print, paint, wood etc. My abstract figurative work comment on modern media/ fashion photography or simple family groups.
The welded steel abstracts relate more to feelings of shape, space, balance, movement, windy barren moorlands, horizons, the ever restless sea and the ever changing clouds.
I studied sculpture at the Central School of Art and Design, taught for a while, produced Informational Graphics for National Newspapers and publishing houses, websites …….. retired , but not retired.

Words on churn by Barry Jackson, translated into Cornish by Melanie Frankell

Rodda’s Cornish Clotted Cream Cornwall Hospice Care I love Cornwall


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