Judy Lawton


I do not consider myself an artist but maybe one with ‘L’ plates on. I have wanted to learn to paint for many years but didn’t get the opportunity until September 2020 when we came out of the first lockdown.

My late dad was a skilled sign writer and it was only after he died, we found out he had painted 4 pictures, all of ships and the sea. I felt dad was watching me when my husband bought me a Mahl stick especially to help me with this churn. It was something I used to watch dad use.

Trees? Why trees? Well, firstly and simply because I love trees and always think if they could talk, what a tale they would tell.

The Nearly There Trees (aka Cornishman’s Homecoming) speak for themselves. They are beautiful, magical and almost mystical and I along with thousands of others absolutely love them. I hope I haven’t done them a disservice.


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