Paul Sims


After leaving art school in the mid seventies I joined the graphic design department at the BBC.

For the next 30 years I spent my time working in media industry. 9 years with the Beeb and then 21 years in the post-production industry in Soho. As Creative Director my role was the design/direction and supervision of Visual Effects and Graphic sequences for mainly top end TV commercials, broadcast television and feature films.

In 2003 my wife and I left the “rat-race” and move to St. Ives where we bought a restaurant and home. In 2004 I started a boyhood “hippie” dream of living and painting in Cornwall. In 2012 we closed the restaurant and I turned space into a workshop/studio to concentrate more on my art.

In the mid 1980’s the development of digital technology revolutionised the process of creating VFX etc. For the first time, without having to employ the time consuming and cost prohibitive process of optical effects we were now able to combine layers upon layers of material economically with out any loss of quality.

And that is how I approach my paintings. Layer upon layer of any medium I can get my hands on to make them work. It is a timely process and I hope you enjoy the art.

After a lapse of “mojo” during these past few years the opportunity to paint this churn kick started 2022 and my interest in painting. I hope the churns on sale create a worthy income for the charity concerned


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