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Huers look out inspiration is from a photograph that was taken by the ‘Honary Custodian of the Huers Hut’ Jon Goodman.

The photograph captures the contrast between the sea, sky and hut. The colours inspired me to paint the photograph in water colours and pencil. This then inspired me to paint the ‘Huers Look Out’ on each side of the milk churn, as we can look through the view in the eyes of the huer.

The Huers Hut is a very important historical building and is located on Towan Head, perched on top of the cliffs overlooking Newquay bay. The current building has been used since the 18th century and was a huge part of the fishing industry in Newquay. The hut is a very distinctive round shape with a large chimney and thick white walls.

The Huers Hut was used as a look out and their job would be to look out for shoals of pilchards. When pilchards were spotted , the huer would shout ‘Heva , heva’ down a mega phone trumpet, and the locals would go out in their fishing boats. The huer would then direct them by using furze bushes covered in cloth. The locals would use long nets and take their catch back to the harbour ready for processing or transport via tram.

I am a water colour artist from Newquay and enjoy painting various things from famous Newquay landmarks to fairytale art. I take inspiration from Beatrix Potter and enjoy the illustrative effect watercolours can have. I hope to start illustrating my own book ‘Tales of Trevelgue ‘and use my creativity in my work as a support worker.

I hope to join an art society/ group I. The near future


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