Jenny Wiseman


I only found my passion for painting in 2013 but have always had a creative streak running through me. Whether it is flower arranging, soft furnishing, dressmaking or jewellery, from an early age I have been inspired to do something with my hands.

My main inspirations come from the land and sea, showing nature in all its profound glory. Colours, light and drama are all things that I look for when choosing a subject to paint.

I work totally in acrylic as I find the vibrancy of the paint is exactly what I need to get the effects I strive for in a piece of work. Plus it helps me try new things and lends itself brilliantly to impressionism, adding texture and other mediums like glitter; which all mean I can just let my imagination run wild!

I chose Godrevy Lighthouse as its situation competes with the elements and the sea is so inspiring when you see it battering the island with its huge waves in a ferocious storm.

It brings home just how scary and powerful the sea can be.

I imagined looking at the island through a hole in a hedge, hence the green churn with the oval scenes of a calm sea and a stormy sea.


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