Ashley Jennings


There is occasionally a splatter of colour that is beautiful and serene. It may be the thing that brings us to a place of peace or sanity. Light, life and beauty interest me more than anything when creating an image. And yet I acknowledge the need to add into the story darker tones.
In my world I want colour. I need light, I want to create the beautiful thing.

A sunset, A moonlit night, a Rose. I want to tell of the hope that I hold in my heart.

In my own dark days I have kept my eyes on the point of light.

“When I have been going through hell I have kept going”.

That expression may be a cliché but it describe where I have been and why I make and look for the thing that delights, brings hope, or enhances my own heart as well has an audience.

It may not be obvious what I have experienced or seen, what pain I have personally felt or seen in others in my work. My interested is not to express those things. But they are in the mixture of why I make and write in the way I do.

I choose not to project the twisted decaying debris of life.

I choose the rose.


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