Dorothy Oliver


This delightful churn has been painted by Dorothy Oliver ( Daisy Dot Folk Art)

I went to a class in Folk Art & Decorative Painting in 1995 when I retired, and have been painting ever since.

My work has been influenced by our native canal art and by One Stroke techniques.

All my work is painted freehand to my own design in acrylic paint, which has a topcoat of varnish. It is very hardwearing and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

I normally paint much smaller items – this churn is one of the biggest things I have ever painted. Last year I painted toy boxes for my three new Great Grandchildren and used the positive words on them that I have used on the churn. They seemed appropriate to use on the churn too.

I am a founder member and Director of Mirva Gallery C.I.C, where my work is on display.


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